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Sign up today as an RVpoints Rewards Partner and Increase your Park's Earnings!

It's Simple & Quick and Best of all Free!

Why become an RVpoints Rewards Partner?

  • Free Advertising with your Parks ad listing on North America's Fastest growing RV internet website.
  • Increase revenue at your campground from what would have been empty sites at non-peak times by offering up to 50% discounts.
  • Reservation Request Button tied directly to your Reservation Desk to ensure timely bookings.
  • Free promotion of your park at RV Shows and rallies all across America that we attend.
  • Your Free RVpoints listing offers Free listings of your Camphomes For Sale and Rentals
  • Campfire Local Bulletin board/social comments section on your listing. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


How does it work?

As an RVpoints Reward Partner we look for the best quality campgrounds nationwide to participate in our Free and Simple program. Each campground continues to operate as it has in the past. RVpoints Reward Partner parks offer 'unused' sites to our registered users on a space available basis only. You discount RVpoints registered users Up to (50%) of your regular rate. You earn revenue on a site that would have been sitting empty. You also have the option to customize our Reward Points offers program around your campgrounds needs. Please feel free to call us about any question you may have at 1-844-726-3700. We'll be delighted to explain your different options. 

How much does it cost for me to affiliate my park with RVPoints?

Your cost is Free along with the best campground listing Ad in the industry! There is absolutely no fee in becoming an RVpoints Rewards Partner.


How long will it take to become a Rewards Partner? 

As soon as your park is approved we will be in touch to review listing details which typically takes up to two weeks.


Do I have to change the way I do business to accommodate RVpoints Registered Users?

All Reward Partners simply operate as usual and provide up to a 50% discount off your REGULAR NIGHTLY RATE on a SPACE AVAILABILITY BASIS. You may accept reservations for RVpoints registered users or simply accept them on a drive-up accommodation basis.


Am I obligated to give a 50% discount off of my already discounted weekly and monthly rates?

Absolutely not!  Your 50% discount Points Offers apply only to your REGULAR NIGHTLY RATE. Weekly and monthly rates are usually already discounted but by providing a separate Points Offer for weekly or monthly rates is completely up to you the campground owner.


How do I know that a camper is a RVpoints Registered User?

Your RVpoints campground listing offers a Reservation Request button, this email form is tied to your reservation desk and registered users indicate on this form they're a registered user.  When a Registered User redeems a Points Offer it is deducted from their RVpoints Account Balance,  Points offers can be printed or shown on their smart phone at check-in.


How do I register as a RVpoints Rewards Partner?

Simply fill out the form below: