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I took my car in to 'Car Care at Gateway Transmissions' in Mount Vernon, WA to have my transmission rebuilt.

When the agreed completion date passed (with no progress), I discovered they instead intended to install an inferior, aftermarket transmission (without my knowledge or authorization).

Not simply a case of "Gee, my transmission doesn't work", this is deliberate and premeditated fraud designed to deceive and take advantage of a Disabled Veteran.

They not only refused to refund my deposit, they also refused to refund the balance due me (by their own inflated invoice for additional work I did not authorize). Now I'm out over $3,000 and my transmission was never touched.

I met with Bill Orsborn the owner in an attempt to get this resolved and it was a complete ambush. The chairs were removed from the office prior to the meeting forcing me to stand, he was hostile and had his mind made up that I had somehow done something wrong. "See you in small claims court" was what Bill told me before I picked up my car.

Complaints filed for consumer fraud and deceptive business practices. They even threaten 'legal action' for posting this review. As a victim of this blatant fraud, I will not be intimidated into remaining silent.

Don't be fooled by 'hand picked' online reviews and tender 'family owned business' stories, the Orsborns are experienced scammers!

Litigation is pending. I'm looking forward to exposing the details of my nightmare experience in open court. I'll make sure the results of the lawsuit and subsequent settlement are published far and wide as a warning to the general public. These people are nothing more than ‘smiling scammers’.


L. Wagar
Sedro Woolley
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