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Welcome to Badin Shores
Badin Shores was originally developed as a recreational camp ground with the developer selling land and recreational housing. As the park developed, the original developer owner, in 1986, incorporated the facility into a non-profit corporation called Badin Shores Resort Association.
Over the years, the subsequent lot owners continued this non-profit status as the Badin Shores Resort Home Owners Association, Inc. with a full set of By-laws and Covenants along with rules and regulations. Current North Carolina state law requires Board compliance with State Statue 47F. Members (lot owners) of the Association elect officers annually, with split terms, to allow continuity of business operations. Board meetings are held the second Saturday of each month, 9:00 AM at the clubhouse, where the Board meets in regular session and town meetings are also held.
The day to day operation of Badin Shores is managed by a full time Park Manager who is responsible to all lot owners and the Board of Directors. Park employees and vendors, in various capacities report and take instruction from the Park Manager.
Our status as a non-profit organization requires an annual certified public accountant audit.
Many activities at the Park such as building, grounds, appeals, recreation etc. are handled by numerous member volunteers and these groups have made and continue to enhance the Badin Shores experience.

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We love to have visitors but here are some things you should know before you arrive:

You must be signed in by a lot owner and the information on file at the guard house. This is for both visitors and guest.
Expect to show a picture id before you are allowed to enter our park.
All vehicles must display a barcode or hanging tag at all times. If a vehicle does not have a barcode or hanging tag it may be towed.
A lot owner is fully responsible for their guest/visitors. Any tickets or damage to the park will be ther responsibility of the owner who signed the guest/visitor into the park.
The Restaurant passes are available at the guard house, but are only good for a visit to the Restaurant. Any vehicle with a Restaurant tag found in other locations within the park will be subject to towing.
Speed limit through out the park is 10 MPH. Tickets will be issued to speeders.



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