Earn 1,000 Points –
List your Campground Home for sale or rent

Earn 500 Points –
Invite a friend to become a Registered User on RVpoints.com!

Earn 500 Points – Create a group on Campfire!

Earn 300 Points – Create a Campfire event for your group!

Earn 200 Points - Join a Campfire Group!

Earn 100 Points - Add Registered User as a friend!

Earn 100 Points - Post a photo or status update on your Campfire page!

Earn 100 Points - Make a comment on the Campfire Local page of where you are!

Earn 50 Points - Like Comments, Photos on Campfire or Campfire Local!

Earn 50 Points - Make a comment on Campfire Local!

Earn 50 Points - Report inappropriate activity on Campfire or Campfire Local.


**These are just some of the high point values to be earned for being Social on the RVPoints.com Network.**