Registered users can track their My Points Total under the My Account tab. 

Registered users can redeem points on to purchase Deals and Coupons offered by participating businesses based on availabilty and terms of conditions listed in the coupon offers.

Earn 150 Points –
Create a group on Campfire!

Earn 125 Points –
Invite a friend to become a Registered User on!

Earn 125 Points – Create a Campfire event for your group!

Earn 50 Points - Post a photo or status update on Campfire!

Earn 50 Points - Submit a Campground or Local Business Review.

Earn 50 Points - Report inappropriate activity on Campfire.

Earn 50 Points - Join a Campfire Group!

Earn 25 Points - Add Registered User as a friend (to a group)!

Earn 5 Points - Like Comments, Photos on Campfire.


**These are just some of the high point values to be earned for being Social on the Network.**