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We had our first camping trip in our newly purchased RV camper here in 2014. We couldn't reserve any full hookup so during the stay, we had to move our camper to the dump station to purge our waste. It was not fun.
We went canoeing - the experience was brand new for our family, at least for me and my son - my husband and one of my daughters had done this before during her Indian Princess era. My son and I were type A leaders and had a hard time steering the canoe - making the matter worse, there were a lot of "tubers" who were having their family gathering in the river with beers and tied their tubes together which making it very difficult to steer around them. Some of them block the entire river crossing - we tipped a few times and lost my camera to the water.

The second day was washed clean by a storm - our nearby tent campers were half swallowed by the rain water. Good thing it was hot and muggy so you couldn't feel really feel the difference. There were lots children around playing either in bikes or just running around in diapers. There also people walking dogs around the camp ground. The surrounding was beautiful and the camp store was clean. On Saturday night, they had engaged a band to play music which we enjoyed very much.

The mosquitos were relentless!!

Something we learned from this trip:
1. Always bring water-proof recording devices if we plan to immerse with water-related activities
2. Always find a full hookup camp site - we are not the pioneer-spirited city campers and we don't want to be. Camping is our form of vacation and we want it to be comfortable.
3. Enjoy all the amenities the camp ground can offer.
4. Thank God for whoever invented motorhomes with AC.

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